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Exosonic Low Boom Supersonic Jet

Virtual Tour and Marketing Support

Client: Exosonic, Inc.


Request Summary: Working with the Exosonic team, PRIME STUDIOS worked to visualize their design concepts into a virtual tour that could be displayed in both web and virtual reality platforms. The goal would be to create a personalized experience to aid their efforts in acquiring a contract with the US Airforce.

Development Highlights:

  • 3D image renders of the Exosonic aircraft for media support, investor confidence, and customer buy-in.

  • A 3D virtual tour of the exterior aircraft in flight, as well as interior cabin space as both a website experience and for use in VR headset platforms.

  • A content management system was provided for the storing, managing, and distribution of Exosonic’s digital assets

  • 3D development of design and assets

  • Ongoing content support

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